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Team Green Environmental Network, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to environmental education was founded by Carol Freeman in 2003. Its mission is to educate, enlighten, and inspire people to reconnect with and learn to appreciate nature. Newly created Nature Trading Cards are fun and informative.

In 2003 Carol began
The Endangered Species Photography Project. She plans to photograph all 483 threatened and endangered species in Illinois, and then to use the photographs to help save these species. In 2012 she was featured on Chicago Tonight talking about this project. In 2008 she: photographed her 100th species, was featured in Chicago Wilderness Magazine, and was filmed for Chicago’s Very Own on WGN news. These photographs are an important archive of the most fragile species in Illinois. They are often used in books, in magazines, and for environmental education. Iowa Department of Natural Resources used 75 of her photos in a guide for rare plants. Many were featured in the January 2007 issue of Outdoor Illinois Magazine. She now has 160 species photographed and has created an exhibit called "Endangered Beauty" that is traveling to nature centers and museums around the midwest.

Carol Freeman’s passion is nature and photography. Her images reflect her philosophy of finding beauty in everything. Her art is an extension of her affinity for the serene, healing aspects of the world around her. She sees with an artist’s eye and feels with a naturalist’s heart. Her respect of nature has led her to create beautiful, light-filled images with low-impact techniques that leave the habitat just as she found it. Her shots are all achieved without the use of flash, fill, or tripod.

Carol Freeman Photography is sought out for photo assignments by a variety of clients. Projects range from photographing nature preserves, to creating products for fund-raising. Carol has created a line of products showcasing her photography, including: calendars, posters, bookmarks, greeting cards, art prints, a postcard book, and more, with a percentage of all proceeds going to fund her Endangered Species Photography Project. Her work is exhibited in galleries, published in school text books, and prized by private collectors.

Her photos have appeared in many publications, including: several Photoshop books by Scott Kelby,
Audubon Wildflower Calendar, and magazines including: National Geographic, Canadian Geographic, Better Homes & Gardens, Garden Design, Kew, Nikon World, Northshore, Nature Photographer, and Birds & Blooms. Her images adorn the covers of Chicago Wilderness, Illinois Now, Chicago Home & Garden, Outdoor Illinois, and Horizons. She was featured in The Costco Connection and Professional Photographer magazines. In the winter 2010 issue of Nikon World Magazine they featured her photography in a 6 page story.

Her passion for the environment has led to exciting collaborations with a variety of nature organizations:
• Currently she is photographing at-risk species for The Plants of Concern’s educational activities.
• The Chicago Botanic Garden is featuring many of her photographs in the new
Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Plant Conservation Science Center.
• She created interpretive signage for
Middlefork Savanna which features a variety of her wildlife images.
Chicago Wilderness commissioned Carol to document prescribed burns in the Chicago area.
• Carol cataloged and photographed 1,200 evaluation plants for
The Chicago Botanic Garden.

Many organizations utilize Carol’s compelling nature photography in their marketing materials, including: The Nature Conservancy, Lake Forest Openlands, Audubon, Openlands Project, Lake County Forest Preserve District, The Field Museum, and The Chicago Botanic Garden, to name a few.

Carol has the honor of being a
Nikon photographer, which means she tests new equipment for them and they use her images in their ads, publications, and website. Apple Computer invited Carol to speak at their store in Chicago about the ways she uses a Mac in her work. Carol teaches photography classes privately, as well as at local botanical gardens and nature centers. She also rolls up her sleeves and volunteers her time on weekends doing restoration photography. She served as a Commissioner on the Natural Resources Commission in Glenview from 2004-2007.

From 1990-2003 Carol owned and operated a successful graphic design company, Freeman Design – an exciting, innovative, environmentally aware, graphic design firm specializing in all forms of corporate communications, from logos to web sites. She also art-directed the award-winning
Chicago Wilderness Magazine for 4 years.

Carol received a BFA from the University of Illinois, in graphic design with a minor in photography. She continues taking classes to earn a Naturalist Certificate.

Carol is happiest when she’s out in nature taking pictures; investigating prairies, wetlands, and nature preserves; looking for endangered species; and finding new ways to make a difference. She can be reached at Carol Freeman Photography at 847-404-8508, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Latest Projects, News & Events!
• Winner in the 
International Conservation Photography Awards, sponsored by Art Wolfe!
• Every Day in May
, is now published – Her new book is a delightful journey of exploration and discovery.
• Created a beautiful card deck with Hay House called 
The Nature of Infinite Love & Gratitude, which features 52 of Carol’s images.

Visit Carol Freeman’s website for more information and to order products.