School Exhibit

Endangered Beauty

Endangered Beauty School Panels

6-panels, easy to set-up and transport, 6-foot stands featuring Threatened & Endangered Species.

Spotlighted in various schools, even once a month, would result in nearly 8,000 students viewing and being transformed by the powerful message of art. Awareness of the beauty and importance of any species is the first step toward action.

• A set of 6 panels…. printed on photo cloth, easy to assemble and transport.
• Stunning photographs by local nature
photographer, Carol Freeman.
• Leave no Child Inside program activities with Chicago Wilderness gets kids outside.
• Educational & environmental information on each panel.
• Information easily updated as needed.

The School Exhibit is available for 2-8 weeks per school, library, or nature center. Call or email to schedule this for your location. A small rental fee helps cover transportation and maintenance costs.